International Delivery Logistics

Our door to door service promise

Buying product from Doorsets International is easy. Place an order with us including all the relevant manufacturing details you require and 10 weeks later the product will arrive at your specified delivery address. There is no need to worry about arranging shipping, customs clearance, duties, documents and transport, for we will arrange it all and this service is included in the quoted price.

Our standard lead time to a UK port is 9 weeks with 1 week to clear the product through customs and deliver to site. Delivery to the Gulf region will be 7 weeks and 1 week for clearance and delivery .

The product is shipped in either 20′ or 40′ high cube shipping containers. The internal dimensions of 40′ container are:
Length 12.051 m (39′ 6 Y>”)
Width 2.340m ( 7′ 8″ )
Height 2.380m (7′ 9Y>”)

A loading dock or container ramp is required for unloading. If you don’t have this facility then don’t worry we can arrange transhipment on to a curtain sided trailer at a small additional cost.

Typically a full 40′ container will hold 400 door leaves packed on 20 pallets with 20 leaves per pallet. All doors are individually packed in a plastic sleeve, labelled, then banded to the pallet with top and edge protection (see attached photo). If doors are glazed the packing specification reduces to 16 leaves per pallet with 5mm bearers between leaves to protect the glazing beads. For full doorsets then 280 sets will fit in to a 40′ container, including 14 pallets of 20 leaves with 6 pallets of frames. The frames can be supplied as numbered knocked down frames wrapped as a complete set with all stops and architraves (or as frame jambs and head together) or stops and architrave on separate pallets. When ironmongery is ordered we prefer to fit all morticed components in the factory to the leaves and frames. Surface mounted items will be supplied in bulk on a separate pallet.

If call offs of less than a full container are required then we can also arrange storage in the UK and call off in as little as pallet quantities albeit for an additional cost.