Frame Options

Frames can be supplied in a number of materials including, moisture resistant MDF in either primed or painted finish, softwood in primed painted or lacquered finish,hardwood in primed painted or lacquered finish or engineered MDF frames with hardwood edges and a veneer or PVC facing.

Fixed rebate frame

Fixed rebate frame: A sturdy single piece frame with either single or double rebate. Once fixed on site the frame will need to be pelleted and repaired to conceal the fixings to match the final finish. This frame can be offered with an extension lining for wide partitions.

Loose stop frame

Loose stop frame: A 2 part frame consisting of a flat main frame supplied with a loose stop to be fixed on
site. The frame fixings can be conceal under the stop. Once pinned in the stop, can be simply waxed to hide the pins. This frame can be offered with an extension
lining for wide partitions.

Wrap around frame

Wrap around frame: A 3 part frame consisting of a two part wrap around frame and a stop. This frame does not
use architraves and can be used to achieve a shadow gap effect. The stop will hide the frame fixing points and is waxed after pinning.

Engineered Frame

MDF frame

MDF veneered frame: This is a moisture resistant MDF frame with hardwood edges for durability and a veneer
lacquered outer face with a loose hardwood stop. These frames look like and perform like solid hardwood frame but offer a lower cost solution.

PVC frame

PVC frames: Moisture resistant MDF or hardwood depending on the fire rating wrapped in 2mm PVC.
These frames come with PVC covered architraves and stops and can be in loose stop or wrap around configuration.

Steel frames

Steel frames: Traditionally used in security and industrial situations but suitable for all applications, available in a range of sizes. Can be supplied as a single rebated frame or split adjustable wrap around variant with integrated architrave. This product is available to cater for varying partition thicknesses and improved finishing aesthetics.