Door Leaf Finish Options

All Door Leaf finishes are available to suit all Fire and Acoustic ratings listed.

Kraft Paper Primed

This finish uses a lipped GDC core with a 0.4mm Kraft paper layer bonded to its surface. The application is applied ‘over lip’ to eliminate cracking. Glazing beads are factory primed to match.
This finish offers a durable low cost door leaf which can be decorated on site.

Factory Double Primed

Generally used on a minimum door thickness of 44mm offers a superior and durable undercoat finish to the doorsets where a finishing coat is to be applied on site. Using a 38mm core, 3mm MDF sub-faces are applied over the hardwood lipping. The whole leaf including, the glazing bead, is then double primed for a single top coat to be applied on site.

Full Paint

Our fully factory painted offer follows the same make up as the double primed product however we apply the finish top coat in the factory in line with the project specification. This option offers a far superior finish to site painting and speeds up installation and handover of the doorset on site. Care must be taken not to damage the surface finish whilst in storage or during installation. We offer a vast range of RAL/BS colour options and various gloss levels to suit
each individual clients specification.