Door Leaf Constructions / British Standards

Our doors combine solid constructions, high quality raw materials and detailed manufacturing management in order to produce cost competitive performance door sets.
In accordance with British Standards, our door leaf construction is based on a graduated density chipboard core with a minimum thickness of 38mm. Hardwood Lippings which are fitted to all 4 edges orĀ  2 long edges of the door, will be a minimum of 6mm in hardwood and can be concealed or exposed to match the decorative facing on the leaf. The door leaf face will meet the customers requirement, and will generally be finished in laminate, prime coat only, full factory paint or veneer. The sub-face and thickness of the door will depend on its performance requirement .
All doors are durability tested to DD171, have a severe duty rating and are Fire rated from FD30 through to FD120.
Acoustics range from 32 dBRw to 38 dBRw within our standard offer (see table below). However, enhanced acoustic are available on request.

Performance Summary - British Standards