Door Leaf Constructions / ANSI Standards

To meet American ANSI/NFPA/UL standards we use a 38mm thick mineral core as the base material. Sub faces are applied depending on the performance requirement of the door and then are factory finished. The same mineral material is used for the door frame which is then given it’s factory surface finish (usually veneer). We can also offer a steel frame solution. The American standard fire test has an additional (hose stream) element as part of its requirement, which is the reason for the use of composite mineral materials in the core.

The core will be supplied with a high density stile and rail if required along with hardwood lippings which hide the intumescent seals. Fire ratings extend to 90 minutes with acoustics rated to 40 STC. All hardware requirements can be prepared for in the factory.

Performance Summary - ANSI (ULIOC)Standards